About Us

Athena Multiskills is an academic enterprise created two years ago to meet the long felt demand in Lucknow for providing a standard of counseling, guidance and imparting of knowledge which would make the beneficiaries compete on equal terms with the best among their peers anywhere in the country.

Over a period of time, coaching has come to be associated with rampant commercialization by making aspirants sit in packed and overcrowded halls to receive stereotyped and superficial information. To this extent, coaching classes have become replications of indifferently run academic institutions in cities and towns, big and small. Athena Multiskills provide an alternative, like fresh breeze, to such stifling environs.

Coaching has to be a distinct value addition. Therefore, intrinsically, it has to be provided in an aspirant - specific format, unique to each candidate. Every aspirant comes with a burden of expectation from his own family. In a situation where even jobs of government inspectors and bank executives receive tens of lakhs of applications, the candidates need to assessed honestly for their own respective capability levels to crack the exam of their choice. Therefore continuous communication with each aspirant on each working day is a basic requirement. This is what Athena Multiskills provides.

We select our faculty with considerable care and ensure that only those knowledgeable teachers who are possessing requisite empathy and patience are invited to take classes at our premises.

A majority of the aspirants, especially the young ladies, come from modest family backgrounds which does not give them the luxury of repeating a course if they fail in their first attempt. Coaching must offer value for money to every aspirant. Therefore, we offer a level of personalized guidance for cracking the exam in the first attempt itself, which is not likely to be replicated at any other place.

Athena Multiskills creates a level of academic ambience which would help the aspirants gain new perspectives and insights into the world of governance, academia, financial institution or corporate businesses suiting their respective career aims. We welcome all serious minded aspirants to join our coaching courses. In principle, we never wait to form batches and start our courses in full steam even with one student. That is because we take pride in the kind of care which we provide to each aspirant.