Director's Message

Dear civil services aspirants,

Welcome to our coaching program for Civil Services Exams 2018.

Lakhs of candidates appear each year for just about a thousand vacancies in the group ‘A’ civil services advertised each year. In a country wherein private sector fails to create an aura of dignity, respect for independent professional judgment and a transparent mechanism for working to a value system, the best and the brightest of the land continue to opt for the civil services. This has resulted in commercialization of the coaching process, taking as easy pickings all those who are overawed and charmed by the outward show of pomp and trappings of power around officers holding high profile posts in the districts. The reality of the civil service is quite different. We should know because we have been part of the civil service for close to 4 decades!! We have an insider’s perspectives and insights on what the civil service jobs are all about.

The framers of our constitution chose the civil service as the delivery agent for bringing about socio – economic reforms. Despite individual brilliance, idealism and commitment, the progress has been slow and patchy, and the society is now losing patience with the civil service because of its insular, laid back style of looking at the burning problems of the society.

It is for these very reasons that the nature and character of the civil service, especially of the much coveted All India Services, has been undergoing a rapid transformation. The civil service does not like any change which diminishes its own hold on the apparatus of governance. But that change is coming in. And, in the long run, it is good for the civil servants. Because it will reward all those who deliver results.

At Athena Multiskills, we have the capability and the teaching skills to give you the competitive advantage through recognizing that change. The syllabus is wide and requires willingness to go deep into issues. Welcome. We deliver.